scattered thoughts of you


coming home to you
after long lonely afternoons
staying around almost every night
without that risk of ‘fight or flight’

a mentality that will bring one to their knees
as my tongue pressed on my teeth
i’m reminded how you’ve unwound
the tighter parts of me
the parts of me i’m scare to let
the eyes of others begin to see
the urge to tell you
how things in me start to grow
when you look to me with that smug smile
your eyes at half mass, as if you know
what is going on up in my mind
how i’m wrapped around you half the time
how each breath waits to be set free
your eyes
your hands
on mine
a wish you’d see me
your curves
waiting to see
what tomorrow brings
a wish to feel you and your broken wings
the beauty of your wingless flight

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